[clug] Acer beTouch E130 (Android 1.6) smartphone

Keith Goggin keith.goggin at bigpond.com
Fri Jan 7 02:08:39 MST 2011

On Thursday 06 January 2011 15:16:04 Michael Carden wrote:
> Keith,
> I don't know anything at all about your Acer handset, but I can tell
> you that on my HTC Magic I downloaded ConnectBot from the Android
> marketplace and it gives me either a local terminal to type in or an
> ssh connection to a console on other machines.

Thanks to Michael and every one else who responded

1. My phone is not locked to a phone company so while it may be locked to Acer 
at least I don't have the added complication of it being dependent on a phone 
company. Still I would like to upgrade to 2.1 or 2.2.
2. I now have the phone connected to the wireless access point of my bigpond 
Nextg router which means any internet activity is charged to my wireless BB 
account which is not quite as expensive as my prepaid mobile account.

3. I've downloaded and installed ConnectBot so now have access to the command 
line. I've yet to ssh to my desktop but that will come.

4. I'm still struggling a bit with the keyboard but being a septuagenarian I 
think I might be excused :-)

Thanks again everyone for your help, I'm sure to have more questions soon.

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