[clug] Sagem Internet Radio and a media server - ideas?

Mike Carden mike.carden at gmail.com
Tue Jan 4 01:44:56 MST 2011

I have just received a Sagem MYDU at L RADIO700 (sorry, that's it's real
name) and I'm trying to get it to play audio from a machine on my home
network. [http://www.sagemcom.com/national/index.php?id=1246&L=2]

It's a thing about the size and shape of a clock radio that purports
to be an Internet Radio and Media Server.

The thing connects to http://sagem.vtuner.com to mediate the reception
of Internet radio and that works well. It also has an FM radio tuner
and that works with the addition of an external antenna.

The Media Server thing is a bit untrue. It has a UPnP client that is
meant to talk to UPnP servers, with Windows Media Server being offered
as an example.

So on my Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS machine I apt-get installed mediatomb, a
GPL'd UPnP server and I pointed it at my music.

As a result, the Sagem thingy can see my media server, can see the
listing of music, but selecting a track results in silence (yes, the
volume is turned up). What I'm after is a place I should look for
what's going wrong. The contents of /var/log/mediatomb.log
 offer no clue.

I *could* do  a wireshark packet capture and spend a day poring over
it, but I'm hoping for some learned advice that helps me to cut that

Web searches tell me to install the proprietary Twonky server, but I'm
hoping there's a better way.


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