[clug] ssl and https

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Sat Feb 26 18:15:30 MST 2011

dylan porter wrote on 27/02/11 11:10 AM:
> well it also happens at other wifi hot spots like McDonald's and at CIT

Coupled with your "firefox reset connection", could this be the firewall
of your access point preventing connection?

Places like CIT *will* have strict firewall rules to prevent overuse of
their limited resources as well as preventing malware etc.
Especially with wireless.

To find out if that's your problem:

 - pick an SSL site that should be allowed, see if you can connect.
   [at the CIT try <https://staff.cit.edu.au>.
    If you get the username/password box, you got a connection]

 - then try the same thing with facebook or others sites you have
   trouble with.
   If these don't connect, the firewall is filtering those sites.

good luck with your problem.

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