[clug] Women4Wikipedia

Collective Action collective_action at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 13 20:41:13 MST 2011

Hello CLUG members,

I am a local Canberran (mother to Brenton 
Fletcher of coupa.com who attends CLUG meetups) and I recently launched a
 campaign to get more women involved with Wikipedia. The dedicated web 
site will be up shortly but the share information is located on our 
existing web site Collective Action 

I'd like to invite 
CLUG people to (TONIGHT) Monday night's Twitter chat on 'whether it is better for 
media to focus on positive or negative stories
 about women in technology?' 8pm AEST at 

I have chosen this 
topic for tomorrow's debate given the recent media generated by the 
issue of womens' participation in Wikipedia/FOSS which I think 
highlights some issues in attracting women into technology circles. 

 interesting background is at the url and the Ada Initiative 


Rosie Williams



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