[clug] rtl8191se wifi native linux driver

dylan porter dylan.porter3 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 11 03:10:35 MST 2011

hello clugers im dylan i recently moved back to canberra after spending
5 years in nsw and have just started a dip of it (software engineering)
at cit  and i am having some trouble with my with my wifi card in ubuntu
it is a realtek rtl8191se wifi card in my toshiba l500d satellite it has
a source native linux driver downloadable from the website and i down
loaded it and did make and make install and all that and it worked to
recognise my card but it wouldnt connect to my home wpa network and when
i rebooted it was gone. i know the driver works because i booted up a
knoppix live cd and installed the driver and it worked and connected to
the net work and i was able to use the internet and all that.
so i see two solutions to this either i can get some help to get it
working or i can get a recommendation of a usb wifi n card that works
out of the box and where in Canberra i can get it

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