[clug] IPv6 for home

Nemo Thorx clug at nemo.house.cx
Sat Dec 31 21:21:33 MST 2011

On 01 Jan (a Sunday in 2012) around 1236 hours, Francis James Whittle did utter:
> Seriously, what could I possibly need a /56 subnet for?

My best bet is Kenyon's comment to this post here... 

> > A normal internet user like you or I would get a /64
> > It's designed so that EUI-48 (MAC addresses) or EUI-64 (Firewire addresses,
> > etc) can fit inside the range automatically, which allows for various
> > autoconfiguration schemes.

> Normal Internet users should get a bigger allocation than a /64. It's quite
> normal to want multiple /64 networks.

...which... er... makes some wacky kind of BIG NUMBERS sense...


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