[clug] IPv6 for home

Francis James Whittle fj.whittle at gmail.com
Sat Dec 31 18:36:47 MST 2011

I'd like to chime in late on the conversation to say that I think that
stateless autoconfiguration (that's the method using radvd instead of
dhcpv6) is a much better way to go.

Also whoever came up with the 16 device thing.... What?  IPv6 is pretty
simple to set up as soon as you throw of the shackles holding your mind
to IPv4, regardless of the number of devices.  For example, I could just
plug up to around 2^64 devices into my network and... well I wouldn't be
able to power them all, but you see how that's 32 times the ENTIRE ipv4
address space, and I still shouldn't have run in any major configuration
problems (Except the problem of where to put so much stuff, and how to
power it).  After that point I have another 255 networks of the same
size to plug stuff into, because my ISP handed me an unreasonably large
block of addresses.  Seriously, what could I possibly need a /56 subnet

PS. I haven't yet found a router that supports everything I could want
on an IPv6 connection, eg DSCP based QoS *and* tunneling (hopefully
iiNet will sort out TransACT customers being stuck in the darks ages of
"6in4" tunnels...)

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