[clug] Help: Xircom CEM56-100 (10/100 dongle)

Peter VK1PE vk1pe.peter at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 03:46:01 MST 2011

Some while ago I was given a 'vintage' hand-held computer. I've got it 
working, but need to update certain software on it.
Of considerable help would be a working internet connection for the 
device itself.
I already have a Xircom PCMCIA card that supports 56kB modem and 
10/100MB Ethernet.
Does anyone have a (retro) LAN _dongle_ for the Xircom PCMCIA card?
I only have the 56kB dongle (a plug-in), but not its 'twin' 100MB dongle 
(P/N: CE3B).
There is also a 'dock' that plugs into both dongle ports on the PCMCIA 
As you can see from these links, the parts are not expensive. However, 
I'd go across town to help de-clutter someone's place.

Did I say that I no longer have a 56k account, and a download of several 
MB would be tedious?

With thanks for your scrap-box diving...


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