[clug] Breaking Android?

Paul Warren paul.warren at anu.edu.au
Mon Dec 19 03:20:06 MST 2011

On 19/12/2011 1:52 PM, Warren Gardner wrote:
> Do you run the risk of destroying your Android device if you (cough) root
> it? I have read it is a risky process. I would love to take back some
> control from Vodafone's dishonest data tallying, but cannot afford to
> replace my device should it break.
> Btw, I have an Nexus S.
> Cheers
> Warren

With a Nexus S, you have probably the best options for rooting without 
messing things up! Yes you run a risk, but it's very small.  Bigger 
risks comes with flashing custom recoveries and ROMs, but with a nexus 
s, it's all ok, as we have an unencumbered fastboot so we can flash 
whatever we want back on to the phone.

I also have a Nexus S, the i9023 variant, which is Vodafone 3g 
compatible, SuperLCD screen.

Nexus S is one of the easiest to root. It voids your 'warranty' but I 
believe they can't tell if you put it back the way it was. tho I've no 

The procedure is to run 'fastboot oem unlock' while the phone is 
connected to your computer in fastboot mode, boot a custom recovery, 
Clockwork Mod[=] is generally considered the best. Then apply the Super 
User zip package[+].

Getting your computer up to the stage of being able to run fastboot can 
be interesting, there's plenty of guides out there for that!

To put it back to stock so they can't tell, flash a stock image [-] and 
then fastboot oem lock.

There's a bunch more reading for you at the xda-developers forums:


Hope that helps, and feel free to contact me if you want some assistance

Paul Warren.

[=] Clockwork mod  Recovery image 
[+] ChainsDD SuperUser http://androidsu.com/superuser/
[-] Stock image list 

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