[clug] Two questions about Tablets

Matthew Oliver matt at oliver.net.au
Fri Dec 16 14:20:52 MST 2011

I solve apps running out of control with 3g on my android phone by running
droidwall, an iptables front end which I can use to block app access to 3g,
WiFi or both, I did need to root my phone, but this one app makes it
totally worth it!

I don't have a tablet but no doubt if you root it you can install Droid
wall, it is android, and droidwall is free in the market.


On Dec 16, 2011 9:49 PM, "Eyal Lebedinsky" <eyal at eyal.emu.id.au> wrote:
> I will go one further.
> From my little experimenting with a tablet (I use an Acer A501) I note a
few major
> subjects that one should accept from the outset.
> - a tablet is not a computer, it is a large phone. Pretty much anything I
> I can do I found difficult compared to a laptop. Cannot browse the fs. SD
card *not*
> treated as plain extra storage. Check your options for printing from the
> - when you use a tablet you give up all control. Programs run when *they*
want and you
> have no say. I could not install *any* (I tried a few) email readers
which did dot
> ask for my password upfront and would not let go. I have to delete the
account if I
> want to remove the password (or I hope it is removed). No option to enter
> when I want to connect. In short, all passwords kept (and I understand
that not
> securely) and the *only* protection is the screen lock. Much written on
this on
> the 'net.
> - programs running when they want mean that your 3G usage is out of
control. For example,
> google maps starts up at will and connects, as do many other programs
like social apps
> etc. (I do not use any yet they start and run in the background). Only
safe solution
> is to turn off mobile data, which is not what I want.
> If one accepts the above then a tablet may be a really useful on-the-go
> browser and what not. I agree though,  with Alex, that Ultrabooks look
like a very
> attractive proposition.
> Also, if you are happy to root the device, and set it up to your liking,
then your
> experience could be much happier.
> cheers
>        Eyal
> n.b. I know that I am paranoid, but in this case they *are* after me :-)
> On 12/16/11 16:15, Alex Satrapa wrote:
>> On 16 Dec 2011, at 14:13, steve jenkin wrote:
>>> I saw someone with an ASUS Transformer TF101 - and they *loved* their
>>> detachable keyboard with it's extra battery�
>> These days you'll be able to grab an Ultrabook which will give you the
portability of a tablet with the easy typing of a keyboard, for not much
more space consumption than the Transformer + keyboard.
>> My experience with Bluetooth has been: great for hands-free when you're
in the car, but sucks the power out of your batteries like there was no
tomorrow. Don't do it unless you have a charging station with spare
batteries on standby.
>> For my money, the Ultrabook is a winner unless your operating system
specifically supports touch interfaces, and all the apps you are using are
designed for touch.
>> Alex
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