[clug] Two questions about Tablets

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Thu Dec 15 22:15:59 MST 2011

On 16 Dec 2011, at 14:13, steve jenkin wrote:

> I saw someone with an ASUS Transformer TF101 - and they *loved* their
> detachable keyboard with it's extra battery…

These days you'll be able to grab an Ultrabook which will give you the portability of a tablet with the easy typing of a keyboard, for not much more space consumption than the Transformer + keyboard.

My experience with Bluetooth has been: great for hands-free when you're in the car, but sucks the power out of your batteries like there was no tomorrow. Don't do it unless you have a charging station with spare batteries on standby.

For my money, the Ultrabook is a winner unless your operating system specifically supports touch interfaces, and all the apps you are using are designed for touch.


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