[clug] Two questions about Tablets

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Thu Dec 15 21:58:18 MST 2011

jm wrote on 16/12/11 2:59 PM:
> There's also the ASUS slider
> http://www.smh.com.au/digital-life/computers/blogs/gadgets-on-the-go/hands-on-asus-eee-pad-slider-20111122-1nt40.html
> Regarding price and 3G,
> Before we go any further we should talk price, as it's a sensitive issue
> considering the strength of the Aussie dollar. Asus' wifi-only 16GB
> Slider retails for $AU649 and the 32GB wifi-only model for $AU749.
> Unfortunately there's no sign of the 3G-capable Slider at this point.
> So, unfortunately it doesn't fix your requirements. I only post this in
> case others are interested.
> Another thought, you could turn your phone into a wifi hot spot to work
> around the lack of 3G if you can bare this trade off.
> Jeff.


Thanks for your reply and advice.

Good article. I'd seen the SMH piece on the Transformer, but not looked
any further.

Another off-list reply confirmed your comment:
 use a tablet for Tablet-stuff, use a (smart)Phone for 3G - and make it
a wifi router available for all devices you own. Battery-Life Willing :-)

SMH says to compare Slider against:

and Acer 500:

He points to a US site (Motorola) for their bluetooth KBD

and there's a Logitech 'Tablet Keyboard' Y-R0021, that can be paired
with Android 3 tablets (if you believe their FAQs)
Shopbot says available for $83-$96

Again, man thanks for your help.


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