[clug] [OT] 'The Patent War is Stifling Innovation'. anti-software patent sentiment is going mainstream.

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Sun Dec 11 22:34:31 MST 2011

"MBA Online" touts itself as 'Not quite your traditional MBA'.
But they must be somewhat mainstream.

Interesting to see they they've moved the anti-software patent sentiment
from geeks and the backroom to the main arena of business discourse.

"The Patent War is Stifling Innovation"

2011 has been the year that decisively marks the coming-to-light of the
stupidity inherent in the way our patent system operates.

 After an enthralling episode of This American Life cast the spotlight
on Intellectual Ventures, Nathan Mhyrvold’s multibillion-dollar,
patent-hoarding company, the story spread like wildfire and the larger
public suddenly became aware of the vast inequity the dominates the tech
world from behind the scenes.

 Designed to protect inventors and innovators by helping them prevent
competitors from stealing their ideas, the patent system has evolved
into a weapon wielded by mighty tech companies as a last-ditch effort to
keep competitors’ products off the market.

 Patents are still protection – though now they more resemble
Mafia-style, buy-it-or-die protection than anything intended by our
government when they instituted it decades ago.
 As a result, innovation suffers.

 In the long run, business is sure to suffer too.

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