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Mike Carden wrote on 1/09/11 2:36 PM:

> Do you mean to say that computer science existed more than 14 years
> ago? Pffft. That can't be right.

You're right, NOTHING important happened in CS before 1996 :-)

Partial & prejudiced list:
[If others indulge, why don't we fork the subject line]

1941-1949: First Generation general-purpose computers.
Ozstralia has "The Last of the First", CSIRAC, due to its slow &
underwhelming bureaucracy. It was put in a wharehouse and forgotten
about, accidentally preserving a major historical item :-)

1950-1951: First Commercial Computers sold & used
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LEO_(computer)>	claims 1st Application
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UNIVAC_I>		claims 1st hardware

1960-1964: IBM 360 created. World's First multi-machine Architecture.

1961-1963: Ivan Sutherland writes "Sketchpad" for his PhD thesis

1964-1968: Doug Englebart and SRI develop mouse, hypertext,
collaboration, etc at "Augmentation Research Centre"

1968/9: Software Engineering created/defined at/with NATO conferences

1962-1969: ARPAnet created

1962-2010: Donald Knuth writes "The Art of Computer Programming"
1977-1985: Knuth diverges to write "Tex" in which to publish his books.

1969-1974: Unix @ Bell Labs by Ken, Dennis and the CSRG (mailstop/Dept 1127)

1973-1976: Bob Metcalfe invents Ethernet

1975: Fred Brooks, hardware then Software Project Director,
 writes it up as "The Mythical Man Month"

1986: FB Reprises himself: "No Silver Bullet"

1989-1991: Tim Berners-Lee & CERN invent HTTP & HTML

There was some other noise during this time:
 - SQL and the calculus of Relational Databases
 - Hard Disks, Floppy Disks, Flash memory
 - micro-computers and PC's
 - PARC invented more things, like Object-Oriented, Windowing/GUI's,
   remote API's, ...
 - Linus and Tridge started hacking :-)

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