[clug] [OT] Open Source model needed for Academic Publishing?

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Wed Aug 31 20:43:44 MDT 2011

Hal Ashburner wrote on 1/09/11 10:33 AM:
> You're paying for the Attest service you get from the publication. i.e. the peer-review, editorial input and brand reputation of the publication that signals "this is a quality piece of research"

My understanding is that for most Journals, the editorial selection and
peer-review of papers is done pro-Bono.

These days, I thought all Journals require electronic/digital
submissions using defined standards.

Which means someone has to do the sub-editing...
Not all that expensive.

Am I missing something?

The author of the piece seemed to that that a Profit Margin of 36-40%
indicates the Publishers don't incur high costs, which agrees with my
(not to be confused with the Gross Margin, usually around double Profit).

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