[clug] Kubuntu startup

Scott Ferguson scott.ferguson.clug at gmail.com
Tue Aug 30 22:46:18 MDT 2011

On 31/08/11 09:20, Keith Sayers wrote:
> 	I run a system with two hard drives - one for systems software and the other for
> data.  The former carries Kubuntu 10.4 and it would obviously be handy if I could
> automagically mount the data drive on startup.  I have found and ticked the 'Enable
> automatic mounting of removable media' systems option but now have to enter the root
> password to get past the Splash screen - could anyone suggest a way to obviate that,
> please?

Yes. But I'll need a little more information please.

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I assume you mean "Device notifier[*1]" whey you say "ticked Enable auto 
mount".... did you also select "automount on login"?
Is the device listed in "Disconnected devices"

What is the file system on your data drive?
Is it a single partition?
Does the drive have a label? *2

[*1] it sits in the System tray, see:-

[*2] by default Device notifier mounts removable drives under:-
*unless* the disk doesn't have a label, in which case it's:-
not using a label can cause problems when other drives are plugged in 
(eg. a USB stick) - it also makes it simpler to use sym links.


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