[clug] Dryrun: An attempt at decoupling the "process"

Amit Saha z3343124 at student.adfa.edu.au
Fri Aug 26 22:08:01 MDT 2011

Hi Hal:

On 27/08/11 12:22, Hal Ashburner wrote:
> Hey Amit,
> This sounds like a fun project.
> Just as a heads up for similar if not exactly the same use case. I've used
> buildbot hooked up to hg on a server. I have a hook in hg that fires off a
> compile and runs the test suite emailing me the logs if there are any
> failures. This includes the compile log. So if i don't have the complete dev
> env, hg push over ssh does something useful.

Cool. Sounds fun!

On a similar vein, a while back I wrote a C program [1] using the 
Inotify subsystem for the Linux kernel, which would watch a directory 
for any C files being dumped in it, when it would compile it automatically.



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