[clug] Dryrun: An attempt at decoupling the "process"

Amit Saha Amit.Saha at student.adfa.edu.au
Fri Aug 26 19:41:16 MDT 2011

Hello everyone:

This is a small utility I put together which I call "dryrun" [1]. What 
it basically allows one to do can be summed up as such:

Here is the use case:

You can be anywhere out there and all you have is your EDGE/Wifi enabled 
phone or tablet PC and  you want to compile a piece of code which you 
just hacked now, or a simple debugging of an existing script.

And here is what dryrun allows you to do or aims to do:

Email your code to the email address you set up your service with 
following the simple protocol in place and you get back the output of 
your code right there in your mailbox!

The core functionality is implemented by dryrun.py  and uses the 
dryrun_driver as a driver script. Currently has a naive method of 
handling username/password since it requires you to change it in the 
code itself. I intend to make it config file based soon.

I hope it sounds interesting to you folks and will look forward to your 
comments and suggestions.

[1] https://bitbucket.org/amitksaha/dryrun



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