[clug] C programming question: What goes in 'include' files??

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Thu Aug 25 22:16:01 MDT 2011

Thanks for the answers.

I hadn't thought about 'static'.
Still not sure it's good practice to include identical code in two
places, but each one is small, so what the heck...

The codebase creates a 'kernel' based on the OS+CPU-arch
and another sub-system ('os') based solely on the CPU-architecture.

It includes the same code in both sub-systems in this case.

steve jenkin wrote on 24/08/11 12:46 AM:
> The C code I've been looking at recently (hence desire for PPC & 386
> builds) has what appears to me some quirky traits:
>  - include files contain functions, not just their prototypes
>    [as well as the usual constant #defs]

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