[clug] [OT] Wanted: Power-PC Mac with Leopard (OSX 10.5) or Leopard Retail Full Install DVD or a bootable HDD.

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Thu Aug 25 22:04:00 MDT 2011

Thanks to everyone who replied with offers of help.
Have now upgraded my old Mac Mini [you don't want to know how long it

If anyone does have broken powerPC (or 5yo Intel) stuff that they want
to unload, I can take it off your hands.
Not a hardware expert, but I do a little tinkering :-)

I managed to get a loan of an install disk.
I also attached a USB drive, thinking I could install the new system on
it and preserve my original environment (dual boot!).

Alas, not to be :-(
Not sure if OSX doesn't like USB or insists on firewire or is SATA-only,
but had to give up my 10.4 environment :-(

Again, many thanks.

steve jenkin wrote on 23/08/11 8:03 PM:
> I have a Power-PC Mac Mini running OSX 10.4 (Tiger).
> I'd like to be able to generate 'ppc' binaries, but it seems 10.4 is
> deprecated for most projects, so I have to get a 10.5 system :-(
> As are Leopard DVD's from Apple (rrp was, I believe, ~$150).
> Apparently now those DVD's now sell for $200+ in the general market.
> So, these are the things that will get me across the line:
>  - a 'Full Retail' DVD, not the upgrade disk that came
>     with some new systems
>  - a working G4 system running 10.5 of any type (iMac, mini, iBook, ...)
>  - a dead G4 system with a bootable drive I can cannibalise
>  - the drive, preferably 2.5" from a 10.5 G4/G5 system
> If I can get a bare system HDD of any size, I can put it into an
> external firewire case and have a 'dual boot' system :-)
> This is for hobby purposes, not my main desktop, so I'm not going to
> chuck a lot of money at it - but I *do* expect to pay some money.
> If anyone has any advice, suggestions or better yet, something they can
> sell or give me, I'd be grateful for anything :-)
> For example:
> IIRC, the ANU once had a fleet of iMacs, potentially 10.5.
> Some of those must have died, leaving usable HDD (but with an ANU install).
> Would those, if still lying around, be useful to me?
> They're setup for a distinctive 'Enterprise' environment, not standalone.
> cheers
> stevej

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