[clug] black screen.

Wesley Bruce wesleybruce at iinet.net.au
Mon Aug 22 01:17:27 MDT 2011

Why would my computer be producing a black screen irregularly, but never
at long in, with a new monitor? A Vivo  Mled19. Have I got a setting
wrong or something? It may have killed the old monitor which died a
fortnight ago. That was a ten year old monitor and may have just died of
old age. when the screen goes black theres a burst of activity in the
hared drive!?!

Rebooting and restarting the computer does not fix it. Power cycling
does. Its happened several times when running Linux Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.
Chris Smart built the computer so its a good build and not old. Is it
most likely to be software problem or a hardware problem? If the latter
what bit, video card or the cable?

We have also had a large unexplained billing glitch on iinet, equivalent
to six years traffic logged at once instantaneously! They could not be
related could they? Yes I know Linux normally doesn't get hacked but
there's always a first time. Hopefully it was iinet or Transact that got

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