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Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Sat Aug 20 19:14:34 MDT 2011

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Hi there programmers,

We've had a good series of talks about different programming languages, but I
suspect we're near exhausting the list of people knowledgeable in languages
other than the well-known ones.  So I thought I'd seek talks on things in
well-known languages: libraries.  If you know of a really cool library you've
written, or used in your code, or have heard about, we'd like to know too.  It
can be in any language, it can be for any purpose, and you don't have to be an
expert in it or explore every cranny of its features.  Just give us a
half-hour or so on what it does, how to use it and why you think everyone else
should too.

For instance, I can give a talk about the talloc C library that makes
allocating and cleaning up memory really easy.

I'd also like to hear talks about your favourite editors and techniques and
tricks you use to make writing code faster and easier.  I admit this is going
to be a little less attractive - watching Rusty I can see that EMACS rocks in
the hands of a competent operator, but I don't have the time right now to get
up to speed in it.  But I'm still interested in techniques - C tags, tab
completion, code generation and other stuff are broadly applicable and often
editors will have plug-ins or extensions that allow us to do similar stuff in
our preferred editors.

Please get back to me with your preferred topic and an idea of when you'd like
to talk on it :-)

Thanks in advance,

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