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Sam Couter sam at couter.id.au
Sat Aug 20 06:16:22 MDT 2011

David Austin <david at d-austin.net> wrote:
> As a robotocist, I don't think that this is quite true.


We're not quite there yet but it's not very far away.

> Certainly there is no
> off-the-shelf solution and I can't see our Microsoft-dependent government
> taking on this level of risk.

This is unfortunately the same opinion that I hold.

> At present, battery recharge times are likely to be a challenge.

Flat batteries can be quickly swapped for charged batteries.

> Most
> of your trips would fall in two peaks and most of the taxis could recharge
> between the peaks, but I suspect there might be issues will all that
> capital sitting around during charging.

More capital than that currently sits around all day taking up space and
deteriorating in the sun. People bitch and moan if they don't have a cheap
and convenient spot to leave their capital sit all day.
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