[clug] An idea

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Fri Aug 19 04:18:43 MDT 2011

On 19 Aug 2011, at 19:42, David Austin wrote:

> At present, battery recharge times are likely to be a challenge.  Most
> of your trips would fall in two peaks and most of the taxis could recharge
> between the peaks, but I suspect there might be issues will all that
> capital sitting around during charging.

It's only the same capital that is currently sitting around during smoke breaks and talking about how the police have really got it in for cabbies :)

Better Place and assorted other companies will be setting up battery stations, I'm keen to see how many car manufacturers get on board with standardised batteries (rather than trying to non-compete on battery technology by altering physical size and connectors and thus fragmenting the battery market beyond all hope of repair).

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