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steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Thu Aug 18 20:46:41 MDT 2011

What the smartphone and a real-time App *must* lead to is:
 - firstly, real-time 'where's my Bus', and
 - a cross between taxi & bus for off-peak:
    live booking of buses over 'Net, with optimised routing per run.

A lecturer I had at UNSW had lived & worked in Toronto in 1964.
During Winter (at least) people could ring a number and find out when a
bus was due at *their* bus-stop. +/- 1 minute, IIRC.

At 20 or 30 below, people would (& did) drop dead waiting on the street.
Not hypothermia apparently, but brain got too cold.

If real-time bus tracking & reporting was working 45 years ago, why
aren't we doing it?

Alex Satrapa wrote on 19/08/11 8:15 AM:
> On 18 Aug 2011, at 10:00, Keith Sayers wrote:
>> 	And I possibly could within the ALP.  We have a policy committee for IT matters who 
>> would probably understand all this better than I do - what should I present to them?
> The same arguments the Greens have been using for so long:
>  - promote active transport
>  - better utilisation of busses
>  - easier commuting using busses
>  - reduce traffic burden on the roads
>  - reduce pollution
>  - improve health (which in turn reduces load on hospital system)
> Giving people a tool which does the hard work in the "catch a bus" workflow means that more people will use the bus because it ends up requiring less effort than driving.


> The advantages of opening up the tool building environment are:
>  - there are many people in the community who are more familiar with software development than any ACTION staff
>  - with many eyes, all problems are shallow (just ask Kaggle)
> Hope this helps
> Alex

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