[clug] Oldish AMD CPU & Motherboard wanted

Adam Baxter voltagex at voltagex.org
Thu Aug 11 19:19:06 MDT 2011

I can help you with the second part.

I have a selection of USB DVB-T cards here, most of which now work
under recent kernels - although you may need to compile a driver

Many PCI/PCIe cards will just be 1 or more USB(!) receivers connected
to an on-card USB hub.

If you can get a good picture of the card you're buying, look for a
Samsung or a Realtek chip. (supported by the SAA7xxx or RTL238x
drivers respectively).

I'm also willing to buy one before you do, and find one that works :P


On Thu, Aug 11, 2011 at 10:18 PM, Jeff Stiff <smee.heee at gmail.com> wrote:
> G'Day List,
> Just wondering if someone here has an old AMD motherboard and/or cpu
> laying around in their spares draw that they want to part with.
> I have a dead CPU (AM2 Socket AMD x2 64 (I think around Athlon 3200+))
> or motherboard (Gigabyte GA-M52S-S3P) here that has been running my
> main MythTV server for the last few years, not sure which component
> has died yet.  If I can get something of each that is compatible then
> I can figure out which has died, if not both, and hopefully be back up
> and running.
> Have been trying to buy a new motherboard and CPU, but I need at least
> 3 PCI slots to take the TV Tuner cards.  All new motherboards now seem
> to only have one or two PCI slots, having moved on to PCIe.
> So figured I'd see if anyone here has something they would like to
> pass on, am happy to pay a reasonable amount.
> Alternatively, does anyone here on the list that runs MythTV boxes
> have any success stories with DVB-T PCIe cards that are fully
> supported that I could upgrade to?  LinuxTV.org is still fairly light
> on for any PCIe cards that actually work.
> Cheers,
> Jeff.
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