[clug] [FORSALE] Job: Network Management Specialist - Permanent - Canberra

Dale Shaw dale.shaw at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 01:16:18 MDT 2011

Hi CLUGgers,

We have an opening at Alphawest for a network management specialist in
our Canberra-based team. This role would also suit someone with strong
systems administration skills with an interest in networks. Follow the
link at the bottom of the e-mail if you're interested in applying. I'm
happy to answer any questions about the technical aspects of the role
but please note I'm not the recruitment manager.

<cue death by dot point>

Responsibilities --

- Provide specialist network trend analysis and capacity
planning/reporting using tools such as Compuware Vantage (Gomez),
Statseeker, HP OpenView, cacti and other open source network
monitoring/telemetry platforms
- Provide network device configuration management, archiving and
compliance using tools such as Juniper NSM/Space, RANCID and other
open source solutions
- Apply OSS application upgrades as required, and liaise with other
support teams to ensure network management tools used by NOC operators
are kept up to date
- Manage anti-virus and security patches/hotfixes for OSS hosts
(predominantly Windows and Linux-based)
- Ensure routine network changes are reflected within the network
management applications; bandwidth upgrades, IP addressing changes,
QoS traffic class modifications etc.
- Provide monthly trend analysis reports to customer and internal stakeholders
- Automate tasks, such as report generation, to support BAU, project
and customer activities
- Assist with network-based fault analysis using specialised network
management tools
- Provide recommendations for bandwidth upgrades, automation,
application deployment strategies, traffic analysis/traces, etc. based
on interrogation of network management applications and tools
- Assist with updating network diagrams and other technical documentation

Essential skills --

- Australian Citizenship
- Experience with providing network management support to government
and/or large enterprise clients
- Managed services or support role in an operational area for at least
5 years, demonstrating:
 o Good team/staff skills and aptitude to guide/train others
 o Good interpersonal skills
 o Good negotiating skills
 o Good communication and documentation skills
- Knowledge of service level management including:
 o Trend analysis and exception reporting to customers and other
Alphawest/Optus Business departments
 o Escalation management and advanced problem solving
- Intermediate to advanced level knowledge of Windows server and
desktop operating systems
- Intermediate to advanced level knowledge of GNU/Linux-based
distributions and “LAMP” (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP)
- Sound working knowledge of virtualisation technology (e.g. VMware,
Citrix, Sun/Oracle, Microsoft)
- Sound working knowledge of disk storage and tape backup technologies
and strategies
- Experience with network device configuration management
- Sound working knowledge of common network services/protocols (e.g.
- Sound working knowledge of network devices such as routers/switches,
firewalls, network probes, logging servers and load balancers
- Ability to integrate new services and products into operational networks

Desirable skills --

- Support/configuration of Compuware Network and Application Vantage products
- Sound working knowledge of IP Telephony systems (Nortel, Cisco,
Asterix) and associated management systems (Psytechnics, Prognosis,
- Sound working knowledge of the HP OpenView suite of products such as
- Sound working knowledge of Juniper routers (J/M/SRX-series) and LAN
switches (EX-series)
- Sound working knowledge of Cisco ASA firewalls
- Sound working knowledge of QoS/CoS mechanisms
(classification/marking, queueing, shaping/policing etc.)
- Experience in deploying and supporting WAN technologies such as
Ethernet, ATM, Frame-Relay, ISDN and DSL
- Sound working knowledge of dynamic routing protocols – BGP, OSPF and RIP
- Sound working knowledge of IPSec and MPLS protocols

The full position description is available here:

(don't worry about the closing date of 12/08; I think we'll be
accepting applications for another week or so.)


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