[clug] Debian - mirror selection in preseed.cfg not working?

Lincoln Smith dagdamor at optusnet.com.au
Mon Aug 8 18:38:17 MDT 2011

On 08/08/11 22:42, Adam Baxter wrote:
> Got it.
> TFTP loading of the preseed.cfg doesn't work - http does.
> Then, to use http I need a ramdisk. Sorted.

IIRC (having set this up a little while ago) TFTP of preseed.cfg should 
work with the squeeze netboot image (well it was working for me!) but 
isn't supported in the etch and earlier images. I was using the squeeze 
netboot image over PXE to get the tftp support, and then forcing the 
install back to etch via preseed.cfg.

> Final problem is you've got a different version of syslinux/pxelinux
> to me - yours allows linebreaks with \, mine doesn't and says that it
> will be implemented in the future.
> Thanks for that.
> --Adam


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