[clug] Palm Treo 750 and Blackberry Up for Grabs

Jeff Stiff smee.heee at gmail.com
Sun Aug 7 02:48:46 MDT 2011

G'Day List,

If anyone is interested, I have a used Palm Treo 750 free to anyone
that wants it.

It is complete, box and all.  It is used, but still in fairly
reasonable condition (the lettering is starting to flake a bit on the
Hang Up button).

I can not guarantee the battery, although it does seem to hold a charge.

If anyone is interested, I may also have a car kit here for it as
well.  Will dig it out if there are any takers.

Any takers before it ends up as landfill?

Depending on where located, I may be able to drop it off, or could
bring it to the next CLUG/PSIG meeting if convenient.

I also have a Blackberry here, not sure if these even still work on
the current phone networks.  Currently can not find the charger for
this one, but should be able to locate it if someone is interested.


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