[clug] Printers free to a good home

Lincoln Smith dagdamor at optusnet.com.au
Tue Aug 2 01:40:28 MDT 2011

Or any home really. We have rapidly gone from zero to three printers, so 
two have to go.

1) Canon LBP-1120 laser.  Good personal laser printer.

OS support:
Windows - of course
Linux - drivers exist and work well, though might not be plug and play 
depending on your distro.
MacOSX - Nuh uh.

Toner cartridge: Yep, partially used
Notes: Can't find the plastic paper supports for the vertical 
feed/output, but a bit of stiff plastic or ply would suffice.

2) Kyocera FS1800.  Workgroup laser.  Output is a bit 'grey' so I 
suspect the drum is a bit aged.  I wouldn't print wedding invites on it 
but is otherwise fine.

OS Support: Perfect for the big 3

Toner cartridge: Yep, partially used, plus OEM replacement in box with 
waste toner bottle etc.
Notes: Has a NIC that I salvaged from another Kyocera so it works as a 
networked printer, JetDirect style. Does Postscript emulation so works 
perfectly with Linux.

First in best dressed and let me know when you can pick them up.  I'm 
located in Cook.


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