[clug] [OT] View of "Make-hack-void" by a VC

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Sat Apr 30 21:20:40 MDT 2011

Thought the hackers on list might might this video [old?] and this VC's
comment "you can see the future".


NYC Resistor created the makerbot & they do stuff with audrino :-)

BTW, I've been catching "Prototype This!" on SBS, and am blown away by
two things:
 - the competence of these guys in doing their stuff, and
 - the cool toys they have in the 'wharehouse' and they contract out.


Is that sort of cool stuff & services companies available in Oz, or is
this why Zoz Brooks left Adelaide/Canberra for M.I.T.?

BTW, Did anyone know/work-with Andrew Brooks @ RISE/ANU?
"He received his Master's degree at the Robotic Systems Laboratory of
the Research School of Information Sciences and Engineering at the
Australian National University in Canberra. "

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