[clug] Volume names

Keith Sayers keiths at apex.net.au
Fri Apr 29 04:37:13 MDT 2011

On Wednesday 20 April 2011 04:00:05 James Ring suggested :

> Hey,  Can you just put a file in the root containing the name of the disk? Simple
> but meets your requirements.

	I just tried that but got rejected : 'not possible to write to /Trevor.  Check that 
you have write access'.  So went into Konsole, did 'sudo su' and tried again - but the 
same rejection.  Dolphin incidentally in the left column gives me Root and OS and Trevor.  
Trevor is the namesake I created and Root and OS seem to be synonyms.  I have since been 
looking at the mv command which looks promising - if I did  'mv  /media/OS/  
/media/Trevor/ '  should it work?  I hesitate a bit for fear I I muck up the operating 
system and find I cannot reboot.   :-(=

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