[clug] Kubuntu problems

Keith Sayers keiths at apex.net.au
Thu Apr 28 04:35:53 MDT 2011

	I have developed three new Kubuntu problems, could anybody advise on these, please:
	1.  When I minimise something that is running, instead of shrinking to an icon in the 
bottom panel they go right through and disappear off the bottom of the screen.  Yet they 
are apparently still active because if I reopen from the desktop icon I get back to where 
I was.

	2. Kppp - my internet access - used to shrink to an icon in the panel and show the 
time elapsed on line, but now shrinks to half an icon (the top half) with two sometimes 
flashing small green rectangles underneath.  I do have both the 'dock' and 'show clock' 
options ticked and have tried heightening the panel itself to make sure there is room 

	3. Dolphin - the file manager - if I left click on a file name then it opens in Kmail.  
Or rather Kmail opens with the file offered as an attachment - which is of little use.  If I 
right click on the file name then I get a choice of opening in Kmail, Kate or Writer.  I 
would like to remove at least Kmail from that list and make Kate the default option, but 
how to do so?  The only bit I can find in configurations is an entry :
	[Open-with settings]
		Completion Mode = 5
		History = kate -b%U

	My thanks to anyone who could help with these.  :-)=
Keith Sayers                                        keiths at apex.net.au
6 Clambe Place,
Australia                              http://www.apex.net.au/~keiths

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