[clug] separate boot partition?

Michael James clug3 at james.st
Wed Apr 27 23:15:53 MDT 2011

Is there ANY reason to still have boot in a separate partition?

In the dark ages of BIOSs that couldn't understand
 deep disk geometry, it protected you when upgrading kernels.

Even after that, installs with a separate boot partition
 hibernated and resumed faster for some reason.

Nowadays Ubuntu wants to store every kernel it ever ran
 and my 64 Meg boot partitions are looking very yesterday.

Are they?

TIA, michaelj

PS: When setting up a dual boot system,
 I like slipping a little ext2 boot/grub partition
 in front of the Windows NTFS partition.
Windows can't read it, so it doesn't get upset,
 and leaves me cleanly* in control** of the boot process.

Is this a reason to still have a boot partition?

*Cleanly: Lack of use and bit-rot mean the Windows system
 is usually broken, so I insist on being able to fire Linux
 withOUT depending on anything Windows.

**In control: I have the satisfaction of labeling Windows,
 "Endless Frustration" in grub, providing due warning to all.

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