[clug] Half-day emacs workshop with RMS

Andreas Bauer baueran at rsise.anu.edu.au
Wed Sep 29 23:50:11 MDT 2010

Dear CLUGers,

RMS visit of our capital has been discussed on this list before, and
I'm sure those of you who want to attent the public lecture next week,
have already registered etc.

The reason for my writing, however, is not to remind people of this,
but to bring to your attention the rather unique opportunity to
participate in a half-day workshop given by the man himself on our
favourite text editor.  :-)

The workshop is hosted and organised by the ANU, originally aimed only
at students, but it now seems that ca. 15 people from outside the ANU
can also participate, free of charge, of course (that is, the ANU pays
for them, so to speak).

For further info and how to register, etc. please see the text below,
but you got to be fast:

What: Emacs Lisp Programming Workshop
When: Tue 5 October
Time: 9.00am - 1.30pm
Who: Richard Stallman
Where: Computer Lab N115, Computer Science and Information Technology Building, ANU
Map Ref <http://campusmap.anu.edu.au/displaybldg.asp?no=108>
The College of Engineering and Computer Science is hosting a FREE
workshop presented by Richard Stallman. *This workshop is separate to
the Public Lecture on 6 October 2010*

We have 15 places to offer to CLUG members, but you must respond by
4.00pm Friday 1 October direct to: <heather.mcewen at anu.edu.au>

Take this rare opportunity to workshop with Richard Stallman.

In his words .....    

"This workship will teach you how to extend GNU Emacs by writing Emacs
Lisp programs. It is an opportunity to learn Lisp through using it, as
well as an opportunity to learn to extend Emacs."

Prerequisites: "No knowledge of Lisp is required. However, delegates
should be conversant with Emacs."

More Info:

Computers and guest accounts are available in N115
You may choose to bring your own laptop

Technical staff will be on hand to assist.


9.00-11.00am - Part 1 of workshop

11.00-11.30am - Morning tea

11.30-1.30 - Part 2 of workshop

1.30 CLOSE

Enquiries: <heather.mcewen at anu.edu.au>

Heather McEwen
Marketing Manager
ANU College of Engineering & Computer Science
The Australian National University
T: 02 6125 6601
E: heather.mcewen at anu.edu.au

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