[clug] day/night webcam

Hal Ashburner hal at ashburner.info
Fri Sep 17 02:22:44 MDT 2010

  Hey Clug,

I want to point a webcam out of my window at the, ahem, outside world. 
The 'motion' program is what I'm using with some recent species of 
quickcam. Now this works great, at night, when it's a bit dark, the 
lights show up just grand. During the day it tends to respond in a 
similar manner to me when encountering direct sunlight by simply saying 
"sod this" and refusing to work properly. Ok so like me I can strap 
sunnies to it and it starts to show how it might behave reasonably. 
Problem then is that it isn't Corey Heart and so it doesn't like the 
whole sunnies at night thing*.

Any ideas? Seen it before?
Wrong webcam? Use brand xxx model yyy instead?
Some magic v4l setting I don't know about that will adjust between day 
and night?
Two webcams, one with sunnies, one without? eww
Give up and grow potatoes for fun instead?


*Apologies to the kids for music references from deep into last century, 
but hey, the 80s are back! Get on board with a narrow tie today!

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