[clug] CAD software for drawing furniture plans

Ben Davies ben.davies at anu.edu.au
Mon Sep 13 22:39:40 MDT 2010

On 14/09/10 11:18, Hugh Fisher wrote:
>> My experience is that Google Sketchup doesn't have the precise
>> measurement tools - grids, etc - that you need to do exact
>> design work. That was version 7 though, so things may have
>> improved. Worth taking a look at.

Whilst there is no grid feature that I'm aware of (I've not used sketchup seriously in a while), it does provide alternatives. There is a tape measure tool where you can place custom 'guides' (3D points or lines) which you can then draw to. This gives more flexibility than a standard grid.

I've seen some amazing things come out of SU, like this:

That project would have needed precise measurements ;-)

> Just checked and I've recommended a Mac/MSWin only application!
> When I looked at Sketchup around a year ago it was Mac/MSWin
> with a Linux version Real Soon Now. According to the current
> system requirements page for Sketchup, it's still Mac / MSwin
> only :-( unless you've willing to use WINE.

I tried SU under wine (about 18 months ago), but it was pretty flaky. I couldn't google much help on the matter, gave up pretty quickly due to time constraints. Maybe there is more doco now...


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