[clug] verifying mbox format

Brad Hards bradh at frogmouth.net
Thu Sep 9 02:16:07 MDT 2010

Inspired by Steve Jenkin's recent post, I wondered about how to validate 
"mbox" format files.

[Background: I'm turning Microsoft Exchange messages into mbox, as part of the 
openchange work (the command line tool is called "exchange2mbox"). Search for 
MS-OXCMAIL for more information.]

As I understand it, there is no "one true mbox". In any case, I'm mostly 
interested in "does it work", rather than "is it absolutely conformant".

My current plan is to build a simple python script that checks that the output 
is roughly consistent from various tools.

Suggestions for things that use mbox format and are reasonably scriptable?

So far, I'm planning to try 
1. the internal python mailbox.mbox parser
2. mbox2eml


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