[clug] semi-ot - help identifying topics for sysadmin?

Helen postmodernhousewife at gmail.com
Wed Sep 8 18:43:38 MDT 2010

Hi guys, I'm working on a promo document for the upcoming openSUSE
conference and it seems the entire team has gone to bed in Europe, so
I thought I'd send out an SOS to you kind folks.

I need to pick out a few topics of interest to sysadmins (or other
functional users - whatever you guys do with Linux!) - as distinct
from software development/coding type stuff, which seems (of course)
to be the bulk of the more technical conten of the conference.

 If you'd like to copy and paste a few topics titles into a short list
for me, I'd really appreciate it.  The other stuff like general
community discussion and such is pretty obvious.

The conference list is here

and you can see the piratepad I'm working on if you wish.

collaborative writing is kinda strange - it's hard to know how much to
edit and how much to go along with choices you don't agree with!

You can put your choices directly on the document if you wish or else
reply and I'll do the edits. I'm not sure if I'll have them as
separate point form listings as it is presently, or embed them in a
sentence properly.

Any other suggestions you'd like to make, feel free!

thanks heaps!


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