[clug] yes it's a samba question

jeff jeffm at ghostgun.com
Wed Sep 8 18:33:57 MDT 2010

  On 7/09/10 4:58 PM, A Gupta wrote:
> The Group Policy Object (GPO) can be used for implementing such policies.
> Samba4 supports GPOs. I am not sure how well Samba3 implements group
> policies. Something you should be able to find in Samba docs. For more
> about GPOs, refer to MS docs.

It seems I'm headed down the correct path in going to the Darkside. It 
looks like I'll have to install the dreaded OS to use it as a it's own 
PDC. I haven't tried samba4, but I thought it was still a moving target 
which would make it unsuitable for a production environment.  It's a 
pity that I can't just ignore the problem.

Thanks for the info,

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