[clug] ACT Map i and SVG

Steve Walsh steve at nerdvana.org.au
Mon Sep 6 03:20:51 MDT 2010

Brett Worth wrote:
> I'd like to access the ACT Mapping site:
> http://www.actmapi.act.gov.au/
> but it seems they only support IE.  One thing that puzzles me is that when it asks for SVG
> support it directs you to the adobe site for a non-existent plugin.  On the adobe site
> there's a test page to show if your browser supports SVG and according to adobe my firefox
> 3.6.8 does not.
Seeing as it's an Adobe product, it's probably testing to see if your 
browser supports the Adobe version of SVG, which "....supports much of 
the W3C Recommended Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 1.0 Specification ", 
whilst gecko1.9 et al is at 1.1 these days.

It's just a shame they binned support for it at the start of 2009 

> If I go to another SVG test site though
> (e.g.http://www.croczilla.com/bits_and_pieces/svg/samples/) I get nicely rendered SVG in
> my browser.  So my question is: Does the adobe svg plugin that the ACTPLA/Microsoft
> partnership are calling for support some different svg to what firefox supports?
Welcome to the wonderful world of web standards, here's something 
completely different from what the menu says......


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