[clug] Install Fest ( 25th Sept 2010 )

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Sun Sep 5 06:52:40 MDT 2010

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On 09/02/2010 11:57 AM, jeff wrote:
> Location: ANU CSIT  Room N101
> Date: Saturday 25th September 2010
> Time: 10:00 to 15:00
> What we need:
>  * People to help with setting up and running things on the day.

I'll be there! (Yay, a day not otherwise booked in my calendar!)

> Equipment:
>  Please let me know if your able to provide any of the following or if
> you think that there's something missing.
>  * Chairs and tables ( already available as part of the room)
>  * Computers to act as support for installs. For things like burning
> CD/DVD images we don't already have, transferring data to USB flash
> drives, to act as Internet terminals to look things up, etc.
>  * Food and drink to keep the installers alive and happy (tea, coffee,
> snacks, etc).

I can bring coffee cups, plunger coffee (regular and decaf) and tea (in a
variety of flavours).  I'll bring some biscuits or make a fruitcake.

>  * Power boards and extension cables.
>  * Network cables
>  * Network switch
>  * Signage so people can find us on the day.

I think I've got the signs left over from last year.  We laminated them (from
memory) to make sure they lasted.  Power boards and network cables seem to be
the common requirements, and with Steve bringing some industrial-strength
switches it sounds like we're going to be right for networking.

>  * CD and DVD images of FOSS software.
>  * Blank CDs and DVDs to burn to.

I have a whole bunch of Linux Australia blank CDs (not DVD-Rs) which I can
bring along for people to burn copies of Linux distros and FOSS to take away.
 Thanks once again to Linux Australia for making these available.

As a side note, the server I set up basically acts as a transparent proxy and
DHCP server for the internal network, which it routes for and shields from the
external internet.  Amitay has picked it up and is going to make sure it's all
up to date.  He's going to try setting up a PXE boot environment so we can
have install-from-boot, and it's got an internal (compatible) Wifi card that
he's going to try to set up in bridged mode so the wireless generation won't
be left out.

The idea was that the machine would be a sort of CLUG project - build the
'ultimate' installfest server.  Anyone interested in contributing to this
project or working on it?

Thanks once again to Jeff for getting this rolling!

Have fun,

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