[clug] linux Digest, Vol 92, Issue 62

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Thu Sep 2 17:19:53 MDT 2010

Bob Edwards wrote on 2/09/10 11:50 PM:

> I wrote too soon. I have (finally) traced the source of the noise.<snip>
> The switching supply plug-pack had died and was restarting (approx.
> every 2.5 secs, going by the LEDs). The switch was almost powering up
> and then off again. Lots of cabling still connected to the switch and
> radiating out all over the house (mostly unterminated) = lots of little
> antenna for radiating out the noise.
> So, I can now listen to ABC local radio again on my trusty clock radio
> etc.
> I still hope that ABC will either (or both) transmit local radio on FM
> and/or use open-standards codecs for their Internet radio feed.
> Thanks again everyone for all your help.
> Bob Edwards (feeling somewhat silly).


I think this is actually good troubleshooting and a great 'beware' note
for the rest of us.

I wouldn't think of plug-packs as being source of noise...

As for feeling silly - don't.

You've found and fixed a very subtle fault where the symptoms were
widely and wildly disconnected from the cause.

You could've killed this problem with a sledgehammer, but didn't.
[And you've flagged a couple of things it'd be nice for the ABC to do.]

Well done and congratulations on your persistence, determination and
diligence/throughness in solving this.

And especially for writing up the solution, even though you would've
preferred to have 'let it slide'.

The group survives on this willingness to ask for help, share results
and being prepared to look silly in the process, knowing you won't be
pilloried in the process. Gentle ribbing at worst :-)

A good Lesson For the Rest of Us, on many levels.

I've always been impressed with the group dynamic on CLUG.
Trust is only built by demonstration of Good Will over time and can be
destroyed in an instant.
For all its faults & Off-topic meanderings, CLUG does very well at being
helpful, genuinely concerned and showing good will.

Many thanks.


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