[clug] Digital Camera selection help

Scott Ferguson prettyfly.productions at gmail.com
Wed Sep 1 01:27:52 MDT 2010

 On Tue, 31 Aug 2010 21:39:59 +1000 Eyal Lebedinsky <eyal_at_eyal.emu.id.au>
> Surely you can say what you want it for? Without this you will find any advice
> relatively random.

I could, if it was for me.
I might be arthritic (and aged) but... ;-p

> Do you want a compact? One to keep in your pocket at all times? Do you need to
> be able to change lenses? Do you want more social usage (people, landscape etc.)
> or any more specific usage (birds? flowers? cars?).

I did ask... she says "I just want to take pictures of things"

> Do you want video facility? Full HD?


> In each category there is a full range of cameras on offer with a wide difference
> in price and features.
> Anyway, searching is half the fun so take your time.
> cheers
> 	Eyal

I want something that she can take overseas without it being stolen
(again) because she needs to juggle bags to use it. It needs to
supportable (she's not technical) with a GUI using mouse or voice on her
laptop. USB connection'd be nice.


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