[clug] Pipped at the post? - was A "mount" defeat

Owen rcook at pcug.org.au
Mon Oct 25 20:19:29 MDT 2010

o nothing.
> The score is that my daughter's "upteen-thousand dollars Mac" has no
> problems in finding and reading the content of my ($2.00) SD-Card
> reader.  My computer - even with the help of the usb-hub - cannot find
> it.  The red light on the plugged-in SD-Card reader is on, but there
> is
> no trace of it under the /media directory.  And I do not know where
> else
> to look.
> The second output of dmesg (attached) remained unchanged when I ran
> the
> "mount" command.  However, my computer was not able to read the
> contents
> of the "memory stick" until it received the "mount" command.

Sorry if this has been asked before, but what sort of output do you
get from;

  # lsmod|grep usb

I see from the dmesg output you have echi, so try

  # rmmod ehci-hcd
  # modprobe uhci-hcd

But as I said, haven't closely followed your dilemma


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