[clug] 5 1/4" SS/DD floppies

Brett Wheeler Brett.Wheeler at daramalan.act.edu.au
Sun Oct 24 19:02:20 MDT 2010

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>>> Kim Holburn <kim.holburn at gmail.com> 25/10/2010 9:35 AM >>>
Hi Cluggers,

I have a box of five and a quarter inch single sided / double density floppies probably written with a Kaypro II in the middle to late eighties.  I would very much like to extract the files if it's at all possible.  Does anyone know who would have the equipment to do this?


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I have a number of old 5.25" floppy drives and controller cards (IDE) (they were working when retired, about 5 years ago), but I don't have any CP/M machines. 
If you need a FDD to add to a CP/M machine let me know.


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