[clug] A "mount" defeat - was Re: Persuading Debian to talk to an Android tablet via USB?

Hal Ashburner hal.ashburner at gmail.com
Thu Oct 21 18:38:35 MDT 2010

Felix Karpfen wrote:
> On Fri, 22 Oct 2010 09:48:14 +1100, Alex Satrapa wrote:
>> On 22/10/2010, at 07:56 , Felix Karpfen wrote:
>>> I would be grateful for pointers to what I need to look for - just to
>>> spare me from purchasing more duds.
>> Logitech make a nice neat little four-port USB 2.0 powered hub[1]. It's
>> delivering enough current to charge my iPhone, not quite enough to
>> charge the iPad (but then the iPad wants 10W, and is shipped with a
>> custom charger which can deliver the above-standard current).
> I took your advice and ordered one - despite the fact that I have *no* 
> idea what the hub is designed to do.  With luck, that question will be 
> answered when the hub arrives.
Hub. Plug it into one USB port and it provides 4. Much like a powerboard
for electricity, but for USB. Used when you haven't got enough USB
ports, (ie you have one spare USB port but four devices you need to plug
in, a usb hub lets you do this) or you want USB ports on your desk or on
your monitor or somewhere more convenient than the ones attached to your
computer or finally, which is your use, to provide more power to USB
devices you're attaching as the port can have it's own power supply
rather than relying on the one in the computer.

> . Hopefully, the offered diagnosis (that my problems are caused by 
> my aged computer) will prove to be correct. 
Yeah, fingers crossed man. The diagnosis is unfortunately not a lock.
Could be your SD reader is just plain old faulty. It'd be nice if it
worked out solving the problem for your tablet too, huh? Be sure to
chant something uplifting and hopeful when plugging it in for the first
time, it's important. ;)
Hey, another thing, those USB ports on your 5 year old machine are 5
years old too. Give them a quick clean and make sure the contacts are
all nice? Can't hurt.

Deal extreme are ok for these kinds of purchase I reckon, cheap, free
shipping, each product page comes with uncensored customer reviews -
sometimes they're quite rude. Occasionally you'll blow $2 on something
faulty. Very occasionally, I haven't yet.

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