[clug] anyone using a Linux as an Internet gateway?

Scott Ferguson prettyfly.productions at gmail.com
Tue Oct 19 15:06:37 MDT 2010

On Tue, 19 Oct 2010 16:06:10 +1100, Paul <mylists_at_wilsononline.id.au>

> After some recent issues which I'm still not completely convinced my internet connection 
> is 100% good has left me wanting to know is using a Linux Router the best way to go.
> ie as far as I can see I have two basic options.
> 1. Linux router, which also run MythTV and firewall and a few other background scripts (eg 
> Solar power data collection etc..)
> 2. Appliance Router (eg Billion VOIP router/ Wifi access point
> So just wonder is there a big reason why I should use my Fedora box instead of a dedicated 
> router.
> Note I found out that my Billion router is definitely not upto some attacks but they seem 
> to be rare .
> thanks
> Paul W

I can highly recommend IPCop as a firewall and router
It's a good way to recycle an old, low spec PC. Smoothwall Community
Edition is another choice.
I'd recommend you *don't* host non-firewall/routing applications on a
security device. So IMHO you *shouldn't* run your Fedora (desktop?) as a
router. Keep it simple and it's simpler to secure - especially when it
comes to kernels.
Do consider setting up zones using additional NICs. IPCop makes it easy
to configure a Green zone for boxes that access the internet via cable,
a Blue zone for those that access the internet using WiFi, and an Orange
for boxes that are accessible by the internet (web servers etc.). Lot's
of addons available - Copfilter and Update Accelerator are
indispensable. You'll find it easier to configure than your Billion, and
far more functional.
Note: Asterisk should sit behind IPCop.


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