[clug] cfengine2 (debian) and max_file_size for editing

Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Tue Oct 19 05:46:28 MDT 2010

>> FWIW, cfengine2 is the bomb (if you ask me) hard to learn but infinitely
>> powerful.
> I generally recommend puppet, these days, in the role that cfengine2 used to
> play.  It is a generally better implementation of the same concepts, with less
> rough or unuseful edges for most commercial sites.

Most interesting, do tell more (please).

I am about to embark upon setting up another Debian/Ubuntu based
cluster and haven't looked back at the "competition" in a while from
my FAI + cfengine2 based management.

Does puppet do unattended install (via PXE or some other method) now
or is it still just a management doverlackie? Meaning use a pre-seeded
Ubuntu/Debian install disk + puppet.

> (OTOH, I now work for Puppet Labs, so I might be biased. :)

This is a good thing, we have a horse with a mouth.


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