[clug] anyone using a Linux as an Internet gateway?

Brians brians at en.com.au
Tue Oct 19 01:02:21 MDT 2010


I use atom based mitx pcb (170mm x 170mm) (Intel ~$110) off a 12V DC 
adaptor (with PC case ~$110), DDR memory, 2.5" HD and two ethernet ports 
to make Ubuntu server gateway computers to isolate me from internet. 
Uses ~ 40W but has complete flexibility of what s/w you can run.

Lots of good intrusion s/w etc can be run.

I use shorewall firewall with port knocking on ssh  after many attempted 
attacks to  an open ssh port.

Best to keep wireless access point also separate so you can easily 
shutdown wireless by switching off power and leaving rest of LAN 


On 19/10/10 16:06, Paul wrote:
> After some recent issues which I'm still not completely convinced my 
> internet connection is 100% good has left me wanting to know is using 
> a Linux Router the best way to go.
> ie as far as I can see I have two basic options.
> 1. Linux router, which also run MythTV and firewall and a few other 
> background scripts (eg Solar power data collection etc..)
> 2. Appliance Router (eg Billion VOIP router/ Wifi access point
> So just wonder is there a big reason why I should use my Fedora box 
> instead of a dedicated router.
> Note I found out that my Billion router is definitely not upto some 
> attacks but they seem to be rare .
> thanks
> Paul W

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